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Traffic Service Provision: Greater Traffic Safety without financial risk

Our service model covers all aspects of traffic violation enforcement: We create and finance a solution specifically tailored for your needs and provide the best possible equipment and services.

Jenoptik Traffic Service Provision

Within the framework of Traffic Service Provision, Jenoptik offers an extensive range of services for all traffic violation enforcement processes, without funding from public budgets. We supply and install the appropriate traffic enforcement equipment and take full responsibility for maintenance, repairs and insurance in order to safeguard your road safety program. In addition, we support you in processing captured data and facilitate data evaluation within the framework of the relevant local legal provisions. Our traffic enforcement services are adapted to suit your individual requirements.

The service and financing offer functions in a similar way to a leasing model. That means you pay a monthly fee for the complete package or a flat rate for each usable violation data set. In each case, Jenoptik takes on the full financial operational risk. This helps to improve traffic safety in your municipal authority while also reducing the burden on your public budget. Together with you, we adapt our services to meet your requirements. We offer complete flexibility in the selection of individual modules or a complete traffic monitoring package.


  • Customer-specific: Services can be individually adapted to your needs.
  • Flexible: Choose between different financing models.
  • Cost Effective: No burden on public budgets.
  • Secure: Jenoptik assumes all financial and operational risks.

Fields of Application

  • Traffic safety: Objective data evaluation services showing changes in driver behavior.

Our Traffic Service Provision model covers the following specific services:

Sensor Technologies for Stationary and Mobile Use

Provision of traffic violation enforcement systems

We offer a wide range of sensor technologies for stationary and mobile use — from lasers and radar to piezo sensors.

Project planning, installation and maintenance

Project planning, installation and maintenance

We cooperate with you to plan suitable traffic monitoring measures, install the corresponding devices on-site and put them into operation. All our measuring systems undergo regular maintenance and are calibrated in accordance with local regulations as specified on an annual basis.

Up-to-Date Traffic Statistics and Real-Time Analyses

Reports and statistics

We send you up-to-date traffic statistics and real-time analyses of your measuring locations. This gives you an overview of the volume of traffic, allowing you to see how many road users do not comply with the regulations or how successful current measures have been so far.

Data transmission

Data transmission

All our stationary measuring systems can be linked online via a secure remote data connection. This enables you to access encrypted data via a secure VPN connection, saving you personnel costs, time and money.

Data preparation of Images of Offenses

Data preparation

We gladly prepare images of offenses for you as far as the legal framework allows. Hereby, the appropriate image sections are selected and the image quality and exposure are optimized. We act in strict compliance with your instructions and the applicable laws. All technical equipment, work processes, software and data transfers comply with the appropriate data protection requirements and are available for regular audits by local authorities.

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